US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19

US President Joe Biden, 79, is being treated with Paxlovid and will continue his duties while in isolation.


COVID booster effectiveness wanes after 3 months, study shows

Data in a new clinical trial was consistent with real-world reports showing waning protection against COVID-19 infection during the Omicron wave in people who received vaccines and a booster.

How does coronavirus spread throughout the body? -study

New study published by a peer-reviewed journal shows that viral and human proteins interact to cause migration of proteins from the nucleus to the cytoplasm.

Masking emotions? People can communicate despite face masks - study

This research suggests that the impact of masks on emotion recognition may not be as pronounced as previously thought, as long as the whole body is also visible.

Blood thickness can predict risk of COVID death - study

Researchers found that COVID-19 patients with a high blood viscosity had a 60% higher chance of dying than patients with a low blood viscosity. 

Why is the Delta variant of COVID-19 dangerous? Scientists explain

One mutation in the Delta variant has been shown to escape antibodies generated from previous COVID-19 infections according to new research.

3 cases of coronavirus variant BA.2.75 found in Israel

The variant, nicknamed "Centaurus" on Twitter, was first found in India in early June, and has since spread quickly across a wide geographic area.

A French gendarme inspects a door that is desecrated with a swastika near the Jewish cemetery

'COVID agenda is Jewish': Antisemitic flyer found at Melbourne synagogue

The flyer lists Australian CDC members with Jewish background or names as a form of evidence for the claim that "every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish".

A health worker is seen preparing to administer the a third COVID-19 booster shot (illustrative).

COVID-19 booster shots are crucial, according to a Yale study

New study by Yale, UNC, shows that peak antibody levels achieved by getting vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine exceed those gained from natural infection.

Israel teen tours are back! - opinion

Coming from a traditional middle class, English, Jewish family, this was a real eye-opener for me and an experience I’ve always cherished.

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