Israeli Arabs, Druze, suffer bigger drop in life quality than Jews after COVID infection

A study led by Bar-Ilan University finds surprising health disparities for Arabs and Druze compared to Jews a year after contracting COVID-19.


Man tests positive for MERS in Abu Dhabi near Oman border - WHO

Cases of MERS-CoV - which can cause fever, coughing and shortness of breath, and in some cases can lead to pneumonia - have been recorded in 27 countries since 2012, according to WHO figures.


North Korea to welcome China and Russia with military display

Analysts say the spectacle will likely include the North's nuclear-tipped missiles banned by the United Nations Security Council, where Russia and China are permanent members.


Stress makes vaccines less effective - Israeli study

TAU’s groundbreaking study shows that tension enhances antibody quantity and quality but impairs immunological memory.

Study narrows down long COVID to just 12 symptoms

Although long COVID still remains a mystery, researchers have narrowed down its range of symptoms to help make diagnoses easier.


Feline infectious outbreak in Cyprus raises concerns for UK cats

FIP is caused by FCoV, which is highly contagious and primarily transmitted through feces.

How are Israelis holding up emotionally post-COVID? - survey

Over half of adults say their state of health is fine, but 17% had relatives, close friends who perished.

China created COVID-19 as a 'bioweapon,' Wuhan researcher claims

Chao Shao asserts that the virus was deliberately engineered by China as a "bioweapon," and that his colleagues were tasked with identifying the most effective strain for spreading.

A patient suffering from coronavirus disease (COVID-19) wears a full-face Easybreath snorkelling mas

Air pollution exposure ages COVID patients 10 years - study

Reducing exposure to pollution was between 40% and 80% as effective at reducing patients’ length of hospitalization as some of the best available treatments.

Scientists advance in search for new COVID strain's patient zero

Patient Zero is likely experiencing symptoms that could be confused with IBD or chronic diarrhea.

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