Pfizer's COVID vaccine factory: Witnessing a modern miracle

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine was the first shot approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use, and Israel was the first country to mass vaccinate its population.

Three years after pandemic, key questions grow

US-China tensions in the background as Congress and media push for answers

Too much Israeli COVID aid to hotels, not enough to tour guides - comptroller

The comptroller report criticizes Israel for giving NIS 60m. of emergency funds to hotels making a profit and only NIS 300 a month to tour guides during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Israel wasted millions on development of COVID vaccine - comptroller

Netanyahu wasted a huge amount of money on developing an Israeli COVID vaccine at a lab unsuited for the job – and it failed anyway.


COVID, flu or RSV? How to tell the three common diseases apart

Lots of people suffer from breathing difficulties, coughs, sore throat and fevers – and these could be symptoms of all three of these viruses. So how do you know when to do a COVID test?

By Dr. Liora Berzag Peru/Walla!

Can the rats of New York City carry COVID? Study says yes

The study raises concerns over a potential second zoonotic outbreak of the virus from rats to humans and stresses the need to monitor COVID in rats.


Could vaccines be a cure for antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

Israeli scientists announce 100% effectiveness of mRNA vaccine against Black Plague-causing bacteria in preclinical trial performed on mice.

Israeli-Canadian firm sprays COVID, the flu away - opinion

You can buy enovid in Israel, Europe and parts of Southeast Asia, but not yet in North America, where NO is approved only as a prescription drug to help with blue baby syndrome,


Letters to the Editor March 6, 2023: Taiwan-Israel

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

Why China's COVID-19 'lab leak' still matters - analysis

How can people prevent a future pandemic if they don’t know basic details about how the recent one began?

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