QuickVue At-Home coronavirus testing kit

Took a COVID test at home and got a faded line? This is what it means

Many people who do antigen tests at home are confused when the second line comes out faded, almost invisible.

Plasma bags are pictured at the Interregional Transfusion CRS in Bern

Blood plasma transfusion may be effective for immunocompromised COVID patients - study

The research sheds light on treatment methods for the deadly pandemic that could help many high-risk immunocompromised COVID patients.

  Prof. Dorit Nitzan

WHO expert: China’s COVID-19 surge could lead to deadly mutation

Dr. Dorit Nitzan: “We have to be ready and alert.”

COVID can change male immune response to other vaccines - study

Immune systems of men who had recovered from mild cases of COVID-19 responded more robustly to flu vaccines than women who had had mild cases or men and women who had never been infected.

What is XBB.1.5, the new coronavirus variant spreading in the US?

A mutation in the new variant allows it to spread better than its forebears, but can still avoid antibodies well.


COVID: 28 new genetic loci found linked to severe symptoms - study

This non-peer-reviewed study helps shed light on some of the complex relationships between respiratory sickness, lung function and COVID-19 severity.

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