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Buses on a Public transport route in Jerusalem on March 16, 2020.

Israel's bus drivers to go on strike from Thursday afternoon to Friday

Bus drivers union leaders have argued that their pay is too low, and many instances of violence against drivers have prompted fears for their safety.

Jerusalem promised robust public transport but people still use cars

A city of this size in a Western country would be equipped with a number of means of providing proper public transportation for its residents and visitors.


World’s dirtiest oil and gas fields are in Russia, Turkmenistan and Texas

Oil and natural gas fields in Russia, Turkmenistan and Texas are the most climate-damaging on Earth, according to a first-of-its-kind analysis.


How can Israeli companies improve efficiency and safety at construction, mining sites?

Real-time alerts, cost reduction and improved work quality: INTSITE’s ADAS systems, employing image processing and AI for heavy mechanical engineering equipment.

China flag

China imports 2m. barrels more of Iran oil, likely for reserves - source

Previous imports of Iranian oil for China's state reserves have also been facilitated by NITC vessels and discharged at Zhanjiang.


Gas and the Israel-Lebanon maritime border dispute

Lebanon's new border demands now including the northern end of the Karish natural gas field caused the US-mediated negotiations to break down.

How Israel is using gas exports to boost its diplomatic standing

A visit to the Leviathan gas rig off the coast of Haifa illustrates the country’s opportunity to up its gas game and wield its diplomatic power across the globe.

UK reps, EV discuss London e-car charging station pilot

Austin and the delegation were very impressed with the charging stations, which are the only solution in the world for charging an electric vehicle without carbon emissions

Is renewable heat more important than renewable electricity? - interview

Tigi Solar’s Zvika Klier elaborates on the importance of innovation in renewable heat – and his company’s solution to the global crisis.

Collapse of coalition could delay appointments to gov't bodies

The main challenge lies in companies in the energy field, including the Electric Corporation and the Israel Public Utility Authority for Electricity.

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