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Cyber hacking

Introducing the new toy hackers are using that's worrying authorities

At first glance it looks like a video game, but this device allows hacking, stealing and tampering with information, like a Swiss army knife for hackers.

By Lior Novick/Maariv

Albania looking to adopt Israel's disillusioned hi-tech employees - Army Radio

Israeli hi-tech represents about a quarter of the State's economy and over half of its exports, and it relies heavily on foreign direct investment.

Toyota’s electric cars will have wireless charging, thanks to Israeli tech

A new deal between Toyota and Electreon will yield built-in wireless charging for future Toyota EVs, as well as an easy-to-install kit.

ChickP introduces new plant-based cheddar and cream cheese

Using lactic fermentation and chickpea isotope, the company hopes to close the gap between consumer expectations and current plant-based offerings.

Illustrative photo of a cyberattack.

Here's how to protect yourself from Anonymous cyberattacks next week

How can Israelis protect themselves from cyberattacks in the midst of hacking group Anonymous' anti-Israel campaign?

Haredi tech startup founders showcase their innovations in London

Twenty one ultra-orthodox entrepreneurs pitched to investors in London as part of the BizLabs 'scalerator' program, designed to help Haredis in Israel scale their startups.

Can gambling addictions be fought using AI? This company says yes

Optimove has implemented a Machine Learning-driven predictive Artificial Intelligence model that can detect and act to prevent behavior linked to gambling addiction in online gamers.

Updated ChatGPT version performs spectacularly on most exams

GPT 4 is more able to handle nuanced instructions than its predecessor and therefore beat it on every exam.

What is Generative AI, the technology behind OpenAI's ChatGPT? - explainer

What is generative AI like ChatGPT and what is it good for?


‘Making later greater’ - maximizing aging potential

AssuredAllies features in the New Era Podcast Series.

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