Antisemitism is hostility towards or prejudice against the Jewish people. Since biblical times, Jews experienced periods in which they were persecuted for refusing to adopt the religion and culture of the ruling societies in which they lived. The rise of Christianity and perception of Jews as rejectors of Jesus led to a rise in antisemitism.

CUNY Graduate Center

CUNY graduate slammed over anti-Israel, antisemitic remarks

Mohammed also accused the law school of serving its own interests and denounces its collaboration with what she referred to as the "fascist NYPD" and the military.

A bust of dictator Adolf Hitler, among other Nazi artifacts seized in Argentina.

European rabbi urges auction house to pull Hitler's items from sale

Rabbi Menachem Margolin made a moral appeal to the auction house, stating that the items do not have inherent historical value and their sale could be dangerous.


Irish auction house auctions off Adolf Hitler's personal items

The majority of Hitler's silver items have a current bidding price of £1, despite many of the estimations being in the tens-of-thousands.

Embracing IHRA antisemitism definition is important - Sharansky to Biden

The White House antisemitism plan said that it acknowledges IHRA as the main definition of antisemitism but also acknowledged the existence of other definitions.


Jewish organizations critique Biden's antisemitism strategy

A number of organizations have said they are worried about the definition of antisemitism as portrayed in the 60-page national strategy plan.


Jewish protestors raise Israeli flag, sing at Roger Waters Frankfurt concert

Frankfurt had tried to prevent the concert from happening in the city because of Waters' antisemitism but was told it cannot stop him.

Why did the White House have antisemitic org in its antisemitism plan? - analysis

CAIR is a self-declared Muslim civil rights and advocacy group headquartered in Washington that has been accused of being antisemitic and supporting Hamas.


Roger Waters claims Nazi uniform worn in Berlin was 'anti-fascist'

"Attempts to portray those elements as something else are disingenuous and politically motivated," the Pink Floyd co-founder tweeted.


Roger Waters could face legal issues for use of Anne Frank's name - UKLFI

Waters, who is currently under investigation for possible incitement by German police, may also have committed trademark abuse.


Taylor Swift’s rumored boyfriend, Matty Healy, once gave a Hitler salute on stage

At a concert days before International Holocaust Remembrance Day in January, Healy gave what appeared to be a Nazi salute, an act that quickly went viral.

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