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Jamming to your favorite tunes? It could work as a painkiller - study

Music is becoming more widely recognized as a pain management tool, but scientists still question which aspect of the music is driving the pain-killing benefits.

Young Israelis with cancer go to the Netherlands for summer camp

Bringing over a complete mobile medical clinic, Zichron Menachem’s summer camp enables children battling cancer to enjoy time away from hospital, parents to recharge.

‘A SINGLE QUESTION serves as the sole criterion for whether or not a couple should stay together: Do

Crying and control: This is what breakups do to our brains - study

External control beliefs are generally strongest during childhood and old age when a person's daily life is most dependent on others. There are, however, spikes and dips when large life events occur.

Man dies after contracting brain-eating amoeba in northern Israel

Only around 400 cases of the disease have been diagnosed worldwide with a 98.5% mortality rate.

The banana was concealed under a plastic bag

Does a banana a day keep the doctor away?

A study that examined patients with a high risk of developing various types of cancer found that eating bananas, rice and certain grains can reduce their risk of getting sick by almost half. 

By Walla!

Majority of COVID-19 patients recover full sense of smell or taste within two years - study

A new study examines patients at the two-year mark of their initial COVID-19 infection in order to understand the recovery time and prevalence of anosmia and ageusia - the loss of smell and taste.

One in eight COVID-19 patients develop long-COVID symptoms - study

A Netherlands-based study has found that 12.7% of COVID-positive people in the general population will experience symptoms of long COVID, translating to one in eight COVID patients.

Social isolation, loneliness increase risk of heart attack, stroke - study

Social isolation and loneliness are common, but under-recognized determinants of cardiovascular and brain health.

A surprising precision weapon against Crohn’s and ulcerative coli

Weizmann Institute of Science researchers found a way to kill inflammation-causing bacteria in the gut that causes inflammatory bowel disease by using viruses that infect them.

Target on your back? Here are 5 reasons why mosquitoes bite you

The current summer is hotter than ever and that means lots of sweat and humidity. It also means a lot of mosquitoes. So why do they bite you and not others? Here are five reasons.

By Walla!
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