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Training on treadmill with VR can help MS patients - study

About 100 MS patients aged 18 to 65 participated in the study.

Technion researchers discover new antibiotic cocktail for long-term results

Technion researchers discover antibiotic combinations that reduce Staphylococcus aureus clearance

Can medical insight come from chronic illness patients' social media?

Ben-Gurion University engineers develop way to analyze social media messages posted by chronically ill patients to glean insights for medicine.

Israeli start-up develops meniscus replacement of tomorrow

The next iteration of the company’s current implant will act as floating replacement for the natural meniscus.

Israeli researchers find way to regrow bones to correct defects - study

Researchers induced bone regeneration with a special hydrogel that mimics the bone’s natural environment.

World’s heaviest flying bird can self-medicate with plants - study

Male great bustards eat nutritious plants that kill parasites to ‘appear more healthy, vigorous and attractive to females’ during mating season.

Lazarus syndrome: How a US woman survived 17 hours of clinical death

Velma Thomas' 17-hour "miracle" was "one of the things that physicians and nurses can't always explain," her doctor said at the time.

Israel finds first bird flu case of the season in turkeys

The slaughterhouse where the infections were found and all the coops within a 10 kilometer radius were placed under quarantine.


Non-invasive cancer removal made possible with new Israeli research

A new non-invasive technology using low-frequency nanobubble-enhanced ultrasound mechanotherapy has shown success in animal models.


30-year-old babies: Twins born after breaking record of longest-frozen embryos

Lydia and Timothy Ridgway, twins born on October 31, 2022, hold the record for the longest-frozen embryos ever born alive, according to the National Embryo Donation Center.

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