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A first-step love story set in New York - book review

What makes Hatzaad Harishon: A “First Step” Love Story remarkable is that Hatzaad Harishon’s membership was all black and Jewish. And Sybil, while Jewish, is, well, white.

This Israeli child should have lost an eye. How did this doctor save it?

A never-performed surgery by Meir Medical Center’s Dr. Asaf Friehmann in Israel stopped limestone from eating away at an infant’s eye.

Israeli democracy was born in Basel - what would Herzl think today?

Israeli President Isaac Herzog leads a Zionist gathering in Basel, where Theodor Herzl envisioned a Jewish state and launched Zionism as a political movement.


How do Israel's homeless get benefits without an address? - court case

An Israeli homeless man filed for benefits but didn't have an address. This case was an example of bureaucracies’ limitations when administering social welfare programs.


Slihot: A time of prayer, compassion and forgiveness - book review

This splendid tome is a welcome addition to the Koren library, and a wonderful way to add meaning and substance to our penitential prayers ahead of and during the High Holy Day season.

Ukraine-Russia War: Is it too late for diplomacy to end the conflict?

The Russian collective trauma has been re-awakened. Applying the Free from Conflict Model, we can see that from Putin’s viewpoint, Russia’s universal basic needs (UBN) have been compromised.


What new finds were unearthed at Jerusalem's famous City of David?

Archaeologists uncovered the ancient road that led from the City of David to the Pool of Shiloah, and from the pool to the Temple in Jerusalem.


Israel is not democratic, should adopt UK parliamentary system

It would be more fitting to replace Israel's non-democratic system with one similar to the parliamentary democracy practiced in the United Kingdom.

Israel Elections: How does the Israeli election process work? - explainer

Here are the basic steps of an Israeli national election. As you will see, when Israel’s Election Day is over, the actual process of forming a government is only just beginning.


Tel Aviv shelter to provide homes for Israel's homeless

The Gagon, which replaced a shelter demolished by the city three years ago, provides free lodging and services to the homeless, primarily substance-abuse victims, and is accessible to the disabled.

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