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Hello Sagittarius A*: NASA takes picture of black hole at our galaxy's center

The new imaging, the result of a multi-year collaboration between multiple specialized telescopes, is the first definitive evidence of the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.


Scientists discover evidence of controversial asteroid killing dinosaurs - study

The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis has been debated since it was first presented in 2007. Scientists this week in South Carolina say there is evidence to support it.

Israeli experiments in space: The future is here!

SpacePharma has developed a miniaturized, unmanned, remotely controlled lab on a chip - meaning you can sit in your office in Tel Aviv and operate it.


What happens when bats in Tel Aviv are active during the day? - study

For the first time, researchers at Tel Aviv University studied the activity and sensory behavior of fruit bats that choose to be active during the day.

Ashkelon beach

What could sea creatures teach us about engineering?

A new Technion study looks at how marine organisms produce hard tissues from the materials available to them, and under harsh and hostile conditions.

Study shows sea urchins existed far longer than originally thought

Seabed animals appeared 50 million years earlier than previously thought — a finding that can change the way we understand the evolution of many species.

Solar energy can now be stored for up to 18 years, say scientists

One step closer to charging our electronics with on-demand solar energy.

World's most powerful heavy-ion accelerator to open in Michigan

A community of 1,600 scientists from around the world will use the accelerator to study how the universe formed.

Where does my cat go when outside? Study reveals they're close by

Almost all cats yearn to go outside, but it is a mystery to many where their outdoor cats go. According to new study, they are usually not very far - and may literally be around the corner.


Dead Sea sediment analyses show 15,000-year-old climate phase periods

The sediments at the edge of Lake Lisan near the archaeological site of Masada and from the bottom of the Dead Sea are unique witnesses to this development.

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